How to Calibrate Us Balance Digital Pocket Scale

How to Calibrate Us Balance Digital Pocket Scale

How to Calibrate Us Balance Digital Pocket ScaleHere is how to how to calibrate us balance digital pocket scale and get proper weight – each and every time.

Digital pocket scales are used often for the purpose of cooking, shipping, business, and more.

Every 4 to 5 times after you use such type of a scale, you have to calibrate it, so as to be able to get precise readings.

After you clean up the digital pocket scale, you have to calibrate it and follow all the steps of calibration using household objects, coins, or weights.

Find the Calibration Weight

You can find the pocket scale calibration weight in the manual. You would like to find something near to that weight. Unless you have the scale manual, check the space beneath the scale – given that the manual may be printed there.

If you cannot find the manual there, check the supply catalog. If the manual is absent even there, you would have to get in touch with the company.

Unless you use similar weights, the scale cannot be calibrated in a proper way. Generally, the weight can vary between a smaller to a bigger number – 1 to 100 grams for instance.

Use Nickels

In most of the pocket scales, grams are used for weight. Each nickel is 5 grams in weight, which makes Nickels perfect to use as weights.

Thus, you need to use 10 nickels for calibration in case you require a weight of 50 grams. Make sure that the nickels are completely clean. Else, your calibration weight can get affected.


Hit the calibration button and on the scale, put a suitable number of nickels. The calibration can generally take some time, and while calibrating, the digital readout will flash notifications.

Based on the scale, you might have to place a number of weights. Before calibration, ensure that there are sufficient nickels in your hand. The calibration might not be effective in case you do not place the next weight immediately.

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Evaluate the Calibration

You would like to check the scale after you have calibrated it. Have the scale turned off and wait for 1 minute. Now, again turn on the scale and weigh some other object with a known weight.

Lots of food products in the kitchen have a weight set on containers. In case proper weight is read by the scale, or the reading is within the error, also mentioned in the product manual, you have correct calibration.

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