Blender for Grinding Spices

Best Blender for Grinding Spices [Reviews In 2020]

Blender for Grinding Spices
Blender for Grinding Spices

There used to be a time when spices were only associated with cooking among Indian cuisine. However, it is not the case anymore as people all over the world have begun using spices. Spices these days are also used for other purposes apart from cooking.

These purposes have to do either with treatment methods or beauty care options. Spices would have to be ground to perfection if you were to use it either for cooking or otherwise.

If not, they would be in granules and be difficult for use in cooking or other needs. So, it is appropriate that you have the best blender for grinding spices to get the best results. You may also use these blenders for grinding of coffee beans to have the best coffee.

Why You Should Need the Best Blender for Grinding Spices?

Grinding spices can always be a little tricky that you would expect. This is especially the case if you do not have the blender for grinding spices in place. You would not be able to achieve a fine powder if you choose to use an ordinary mixer for grinding spices.

Types of blenders

There are two types of blenders where one is manually operated and the other one is electric. Both are unique in their ways and let us have a look at the difference.

Manual Blender: These have a handle that has to be moved clockwise to blend spices. The pressure exerted by hand is used to move the spices downward towards the blade. It helps you to marginally save on energy bills.

Electronic Blender: The electronic blender uses electricity and is capable of producing fine powder without much intervention. Spices blended or ground with this equipment produce powder of equal propositions.

However, there is not much that would differentiate blenders otherwise. We look at some of the top blenders in the industry and review them with the pros and cons attached to it.

Top Rated Blender for Grinding Spices Reviews

1) CGOLDENWALL 300g Electric Grain Mill Spice Herb Grinder

This grinder comes with a super speed motor that makes grinding of spices simpler. It is also powered with bearings that are of a high grade to reduce noise that comes while grinding. The grinding process of most spices in this machine is less than 60 seconds.

The motor power in this grinder is about 1,500 watts with the ability to grind up to 30 grams. You can safely use this grinder for 5 minutes continuously before giving it the rest of 10 minutes. Herbs, pulses, spices, and other things can be ground with this equipment with ease.

Using this product also helps in saving electricity when compared to other options in the industry. The dimensions of the product are 7.7 x 7.7 x 16.1 inches, and with a weight of 8.16 pounds. It has a good sealing to ensure that the powder does not spill while grinding.

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  • The weight of the product is 8.16 pounds and with dimensions of 7.7 x 7.7 x 16.1 inches making it light in weight
  • A versatile grinder that can grind spices, herbs, pulses, and other substances
  • Comes with a high-speed motor that has a 1,500 watts capacity
  • Can grind different particles for up to 5 minutes


  • Can grind only up to 30 grams in total at one time

2) Oyunngs Hand Crank Kitchen Grinding Machine

If you are looking for a manual machine for grinding the Oyunngs hand-crank machine would be ideal for you. This one can be an ideal fit for your home grinding needs for spices and coffee beans. The beautiful design ensures ease of use for people handling the grinder.

With two bearings at the top and bottom, you can be assured of getting a fine grind with different materials. An adjustment plate is provided that can rotate which ensures the uniformity of the powdered particles you grind.

The handle is made of wood with stainless steel and aluminum alloy to complement it. The product is black with a total weight of 18.2 oz or roughly a little over 500 grams.

You get a cloth bag as well as a brush that comes along with this product. You can save time and effort while you choose to use this hand crank kitchen grinder at your kitchen.

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  • Aluminum alloy, wood, and stainless steel are used to manufacture the product
  • Double bearing ensures smoothness while operating it with different spices
  • Light in weight at only a little over 18.2 oz making it easier to move around.
  • Easy cleaning of the grinder after each use
  • Comes with a cloth bag and a brush
  • Does not need electricity to operate


  • Uniformity of the ground particles may differ depending on the pressure exerted.

3) Giraffe-X 150g Electric Herb Grain Spice Grinder

If you want dry grinder for different reasons to get the best powder this Giraffe-X electric grinder is for. This equipment can grind up to 150 grams in total. The best part about this grinder is the ability for it to granulate or powder different items.

This can include mineral stones, coffee beans, herbs, spices, pet feed, dry grains, and seasoning. It is built with an ultra-speed grinding motor which makes it much more effective than its competition. The power used for the machine is only 850 watts that makes it energy efficient.

You can either use a brush that is dry or a cloth to clean this grinder after use. The rotor speed is at 28,000 revolutions per minute making it one of the most effective in the industry.

The dimensions of this product are 14.9 x 8.3 x 7.5 inches with a weight of 6.85 pounds. You can get uniform grinding for all your cooking and medicinal needs.

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  • Light in weight at 6.58 pounds with dimensions of 14.9 x 8.3 x 7.5 inches.
  • Ultra-high-speed motor with 28,000 RPM with only an 850-watt motor.
  • It provides uniform particles or powder after the grinding process is complete.
  • It helps grind different items into a fine powder.
  • No wet cleaning required after use.


  • Supports only 150 grams per grinding session.

4) Premier Super G Kitchen Machine Mixer Grinder

This heavy-duty equipment powered by 550 watts motor is ideal for all grinding purposes. The Premier super G kitchen machine mixer grinder is built with stainless steel jars. Irrelevant of whatever grinding or mixing purpose you have this equipment can handle it.

The durable blades would enable you to cut through different materials with ease. It is built with an automatic system that cuts off the power to the motor if the jars are overloaded. This ensures that the motor does not get damaged even if you overload it by mistake.

Although the jars are not dishwasher safe you can clean them with relative ease. The total weight of the equipment is only 10 pounds with dimensions of 14 x 8 x 14 inches. You can also use this grinder for atta mixing or dough preparation.

Making smoothies are simpler with this grinder apart from it helping you make fine powder for spices. The blades are also made of stainless steel making them sturdy.

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  • Versatile and multi-purpose grinder and mixer with jars specific for each purpose
  • Comes in dimensions of 14 x 8 x 14 inches and a total weight of only 10 pounds
  • Powered by 550 watts motor and high-speed grinding
  • Automatic power cut off if jars are overloaded
  • Stainless steel blades and jars


  • Can emit varnish or burning smells while initial use
  • Not dishwasher safe

5) (BL642) Nutri Ninja Personal and Countertop Blender

The Nutri Ninja Personal and Countertop Blender is one of the most amazing kitchen equipment you can think of having. This product removes the guesswork out of the equation with its advanced IQ features and technology.

You can have intelligent blending and grind with timed programs for specific purposes. It can also choose crush ice to snowmaking it suitable for preparing smoothies. The motor has a 1,200 watts power making grinding simpler by all means.

Two additional carries along jars can enable you to take the drinks that you have just blended. They are leak-proof and easy to carry around. The weight of the product is 10.1 pounds with dimensions of 7 x 10 x 17.5 inches.

This machine is also suitable for grinding or mixing veggies and fruits without much effort. The easy to use control panel provides you with different choices making grinding much simpler than you thought.

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  • High-speed 1,200 watts motor with different jars ideal for all grinding and mixing needs
  • Makes grinding of spices, pulses, and other items including herbs much easier
  • Comes in dimensions of 7 x 10 x 17.5 inches and a total weight of 10.1 pounds
  • Easy to operate with a user-friendly control panel
  • Comes with 2 on the go jars to carry liquids


  • It is slightly louder than you might have thought

6) CGOLDENWALL Safety Upgraded Electric Grain Grinder

This next-generation CGOLDENWALL dry grinder for spices can be one of the best you can have your hands on. The product is very simple to use with a specific timer attached to it. All it requires is for you to set the timer after the lid is closed for it to do the grinding.

The multi-purpose grinder can grind almost any dry items without much trouble. It is loaded with triple blades to ensure that you can powder most of the edible items with this grinder. It is operated by a swing method and can grind up to 300 grams peruse.

All safety aspects of this machine are just perfect as it would not start before the lid is closed properly. You can save a lot on energy bills with this efficient machine if you use it regularly. With 16 x 12 x 10 inches in dimension and a weight of 10.65 pounds it is easy to handle.

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  • Supreme safety that ensures that the equipment cannot be operated until the lid is closed
  • Dimensions of 16 x 12 x 10 inches with a weight of 10.65 pounds only
  • Overload stop feature also helps protect the motor from burnout
  • Triple blades to ensure fine grinding of different materials
  • Superfast motor with efficient grinding power


  • Does not come with a variable speed option
  • Can only grind 300 grams per use

7) NutriBullet Rx N17-1001 Blender, Black

If precision grinding is what you are looking for this nutribullet Rx N17-1001 blender can help. This equipment is not just versatile but also has a variety of options that you can choose from.

You can choose this to get the appropriate powder for your coffee and NutriBullet Blender. The two jars that come with this equipment allow for different capacities. It is easy to clean and use when compared to other options in the market.

It has an ABS plastic that is black when it comes to its housing. The product comes in dimensions of 15.16 x 15.16 x 13.11 inches and is only 4 pounds in weight. This makes moving and handling of the entire equipment easier.

You can get a year of limited warranty with this product which talks about the quality of the manufacturer. It has a total of 10 variable speeds from which you can choose from for ideal grinding and mixing. Although it is a commercial-grade it can be well suited for home needs.

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  • Dimensions of 15.16 x 15.16 x 13.11 inches and a total weight of only 4 pounds
  • 10 different speeds to operate for different spices, beans, and others
  • Comes with 2 containers that serve different purposes
  • ABS black housing plastic ensures reliability


  • Little difficult to clean after use

How to Choose the Perfect Blender for Grinding Spices?

It is not a humungous task when it comes to choosing a blender for grinding purposes. One has to always keep in mind that the best blender for grinding spices has its advantages. We look at certain points that would help you choose the best one that is available in your country.

Motor Speed

This is one of the most important things which is almost always overlooked. If you do not have a high-speed motor then grinding spices would always become a problem. With high speeds grinding almost any spice, beans, pulse, or other items can be faster and simpler.

Size and Weight

Size and weight do matter for grinders that you choose to use. A large and heavy one may be difficult to use inside your kitchen. So, an ideal one should be easy to move around and light in weight with the appropriate size.

Also, take into account the energy consumption of the grinder. This would ensure you are not paying too much in terms of energy bills when you use the grinder regularly.

Buying Guide of Greatest Blender for Grinding Spices

A guide towards buying can be simple if you know what exactly you are using the grinder for. This makes the process of choosing a grinder simpler as each of them is unique in one way or another.

A few points mentioned below to consider can help you buy the best blender for grinding spices.

  • It would also have to be user-friendly without complicating the operation of the equipment
  • Always ensure that the brand that you choose has a good reputation in the market
  • Find out if the purpose that you are purchasing can be served by the grinder
  • Ensure that your grinder can serve multiple purposes and is versatile to use
  • Look for the power saving options with the equipment that you are considering
  • Compare the product in mind with the other options in the market

By doing these things you would end up with the best grinder in the market for sure without any doubts.

User Guide of the Blender for Grinding Spices

Each brand of grinder serves different purposes and has to be used accordingly. It is not possible to list out a few points that would tell you how to use a blender. This is because each manufacturer has different designs that operate in different ways.

By reading the below points you can figure out the most important user guidelines for using a blender.

  • Always prioritize and follow the user manual provided by the manufacturer
  • Do not try to mix and match jars or blades than what is recommended
  • Also, ensure that cleaning instructions are followed appropriately
  • In case you have doubts do not hesitate to call the support services
  • Maintain the blender by cleaning it after each use
  • If it is a dry grinder use it only for the specific purpose

If you can follow these user guidelines you can have and use the blender for a while. Failing these basic guidelines is sooner or later likely to get you into trouble.

Top Features of The Blender for Grinding Spices

When you choose to purchase a good blender for grinding spices certain features come with it. Although all blenders may not have these qualities the top ones are likely to have them. We take a look at them for you to have a fair idea about it.

  • Extremely user-friendly with ease of operation given priority
  • All safety features in place making sure that the user is under no risk
  • Certified for use in your country with the recommended specifications
  • Comes with a decent guarantee

You are likely to find all of these features bundled up in one blender. However, if the one you choose has most of it you are getting a good deal with the blender.

Why you should buy from Amazon?

There are always unique advantages when it comes to buying products from Amazon. There are loads of retailers that you can purchase a good blender from. However, with Amazon, you get certain benefits that you do not get otherwise.

  • Your personal and financial information is always safe with Amazon
  • Damaged products replacement is done faster and efficiently
  • Supreme customer support for most products
  • Safe shipping when compared to other options
  • One of the most trusted dealers in the market
  • The largest retailer in the eCommerce market

Comparison of prices made easier across different manufacturers and models
These are some of the reasons why people always choose Amazon over other available options.

FAQs/Question & Answer

Question: Is an electric blender better than a manual blender?
Ans: It is always believed that the electric blender is far more efficient when compared to the manual variant.

Question: Should I buy a grinder for spices or a multi-purpose blender?
Ans: If the purpose of purchase is just for grinding spices you should go for a specific grinder designed for spices. You can opt otherwise if you have multiple purposes in mind.

Question: Is a dry grinder better over the wet grinder option?
Ans: For grinding spices, a dry grinder is always considered best.

Question: Which type of blender is easy to use?
Ans: The blender that comes with a variety of speed, functions, and features should be the best one to use. This would mean that there is less guesswork or human intervention.


After seeing all the information above it would make the process of buying a blender, grinder, or a mixer easier. However, we would suggest you look at a few forums and blogs if uncertain over the best blender for grinding spices.

The above information can certainly help you in more ways than one in choosing the best option. You always would have to keep in mind that you should not compromise on the quality over the price.

Comparing features, models, designs, prices, and manufacturers would always provide you with an edge. It would always help you to choose the ideal one for the use that you have in mind. With this information handy you can be certain of making the best choice.

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