How to Use a Candy Thermometer

Comprehensive Guide- How to Use a Candy Thermometer

How to Use a Candy ThermometerA candy thermometer is a narrow and long thermometer that has a high heat range. The main function of the candy thermometer is to measure the temperature of different ingredients such as syrups, sauces, oil, boiling sugar, etc.

Another name of the candy thermometer is a deep-fry thermometer.

The name relates to the wide range of temperatures, which helps bring rightful consistency in confectionary items. Some of these confectionary items include brittles, sugar syrups, brittles, and caramels.

For making a candy, chefs need to ensure the precise hot temperatures so as to determine the malleability and final form of the candies. A thermometer is useful for cooking candies to the desired temperature.

How to Read the Candy Thermometer?

There are different reading parameters of the thermometer. The candy thermometer has temperature marking in both Celsius and Fahrenheit. There are different stages in which chefs cook the sugar.

You can read the thermometer according to various stages of the thermometer. Some of the stages of the thermometer include thread-stage, soft-stage, and firm-stage.

Candy Thermometer

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Each stage has its temperature. So, you should consider the temperature of the candy so as to cook it to perfection.

How to Use a Candy Thermometer?

Usage of the candy thermometer is not a difficult thing to do. You can use a thermometer in the following way:

A. Preferring a Good Candy Thermometer

You should only choose the thermometer that is most suitable for you. There are different types of thermometers available. So, you can choose the analog candy thermometer or digital. Choose the one that you are comfortable with.

B. Verification of the Thermometer

You should verify the thermometer before using it for cooking the candies. You can verify the thermometer by using it on the boiling water first. So, boil the water and test the thermometer.

C. Keeping Away From the Bottom Part

You must keep the sensor part of the candy thermometer away from the bottom part. If the thermometer touches the bottom of the pan, it will only cause an inaccurate readout. So, you should try to adjust the sensor from the bottom part.

D. Reading the Temperature of the Candy Thermometer at Eye-Level

You should try to read the reading of the temperature at eye level. Eye-level reading produces an amazing result. There are different forms of candy recipes that require accurate reading. So, read the temperature of the candy at eye level.

E. Avoiding Extreme Changing in the Temperature

If you remove the thermometer from the candy mixture, try not to run it in the cold water right away. It will only cause a greater temperature change in the thermometer.

In most cases, the temperature of the thermometer causes the thermometer to get cracked. So, you should try to always be careful while using the candy thermometer in the kitchen.


This is how you can avoid the change in the temperature of the candy batter and cook the candies to perfection.

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