How to Make Coffee Using Aeropress

Versatile Ways to Know How to Make Coffee Using Aeropress

How to Make Coffee Using Aeropress
How to Make Coffee Using Aeropress

Aeropress is the choice of many coffee lovers, but the potential to put it into use is limited. The range of coffee serving can be versatile and there is no rule to have the same cup of coffee.

Here are a few new ways for you to know how to make coffee using Aeropress.

If you find these innovations using Aeropress differently, you can get into this adventure and enjoy the potential brew styles. Make a note that all the recipes here use more or less the same 14 grams of coffee.

The Espresso Brew (Original Recipe)

Step 1: Take coffee 14g, grind it fine (takes 8 clicks approx. on Comandante).
Step 2: Add water 50-60g. Use water at 85°C or up to 90°C. Stir gently for 10-15 seconds.
You have your 40mm drink and it takes less than a minute to get this quick brew. Drink it or get it dilute to suit your taste, or add milk. Make it a double or triple shot.

Classic Black Coffee

With Aeropress, brew the best coffee with dilution. Brew 200-250 milliliters.

Step1: Use coffee 14 g and with 16 clicks on Comandante keep to medium grind size.
Step 2: Add 93°C- 200g water, stir quickly, and add the plunger to prevent dripping.
Step 3: Gently stir and press, takes 90 seconds approx.

Check the coffee bed water does not run without saturating coffee. Is the plunger inserted properly to create a vacuum? Also, ensure the grind is not too coarse.

The Inverted Method

People love having more control over the brewing and here is how to make coffee using Aeropress. Here is how you do it:

Step 1: Place in an inverted position the Aeropress. Add coffee 14g of medium grind size.
Step 2: Add water at 93°C-200 g and wait 1 minute. Rinse the filter, close with a cap the Aeropress.
Step 3: Rotate after a minute the Aeropress and press. The brew will be ready in 90 seconds.

The advantage of this method is you may use any grind size. Turning the Aeropress is a tricky part as you have to avoid spillage.

AeroPress On Ice

Do you like cold coffee, you need not wait for hours. Make a brew stronger and press it. Instantly, the ice melts and you can drink immediately freshly brewed coffee.

Step 1: With the inverted position of AeroPress, add coffee14g. A finer grind is useful with 50% water to extract. Add 100 ml of water, allow it for one minute to steep.
Step 2: Quickly add ice cubes 100g, rotate Aeropress, and press the ice. It takes around 90 seconds of brewing time. The ice cubes melt immediately.

An AeroPress Cold Brew

Making cold coffee using Aeropress is using cold water at room temperature. How to make coffee using Aeropress is:

Step 1:

Make a coarse grind and allow it to steep overnight for cold brew coffee.

Step 2:

Take coffee 14g with the coarse grind and add at room temperature 200g of water.

Step 3:

Store for more than 12 hours in the fridge the brew and before drinking press it over the filter so that the slurry and the coffee are separate.

Step 4:

For more coffee brew, steep the water and coffee in a big jar, and use as a filtration the Aeropress once the extraction completes.

Usually, cold brew coffee has less bitterness and acidity, in association with higher caffeine levels.

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