Which Scale is More Accurate Digital or Dial

Which Scale is More Accurate Digital or Dial

Which Scale is More Accurate Digital or DialMonday the digital scale is gaining huge popularity all around the world. Besides being versatile, these scales have multipurpose uses. You can find a scale in various commercial stores along with manufacturing industries.

Moreover, it is simple and easy to use for even your household purposes and domestic needs. A weighing scale is an ideal piece of equipment to measure your body weight regularly at home.

Before you move on to buy a weighing scale, it is important to explore the various types of weighing scales.

You will find two types of scales as the analog and the other one is the digital scale. Moreover, both these weighing scales consist of an individual set of advantages and disadvantages.

Therefore, let us make a detailed comparison of the two types of scales. This will give you a fair idea about which scale is more accurate digital or dial.


A digital scale is a perfect fit for people seeking accurate measurements. The reason for this is that a digital scale provides more accurate measurements as compared to a traditional one. Moreover, it is also easy to use a digital scale for measuring anything.

This gives the digital scale an edge over a dial scale. If you compare a dial scale, the functionality is based upon its mechanical systems. Moreover, the result that a dial scale displays may not show accurate results.

Another advantage of using a digital scale is that it is capable of displaying weight even in a decimal place. This is not the same in the case of traditional weighing scales. Moreover, the results that a digital scale shows are far more accurate than a dial scale.

Weighing Capacity

Another important factor that you need to compare is to consider the amount of weight both these can hold. Though there is some limit about the exact holding weight of both scales.

Normally, a dial scale can hold up to 100-120 kg of weight easily.
But a digital scale provides better performance in terms of comparison. Digital scales can hold up to 150 kg of weight easily.


The main functionality of dial scales depends upon their springs for calculating the weight. Moreover, these scales are mechanical. The basic advantage it provides is that they do not operate through batteries.

You even don’t need to replace batteries every single time. These scales are easy, simple, and depend upon their spring mechanism for use. This offers you in displaying accurate measurements.

To measure your weight, you only need to stand upon the scale. Digital scales operate by using sensors to display correct measurements.

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Dial weighing scales consist of basic functioning along with a display mechanism. A dial scale comprises one needle that points towards the readings.

Whereas, the digital scale has an LCD screen to display correct and accurate measurements. Further, the digital scale also provides easy reading of measurements instead of the conventional one.


With years of heavy use, the dial scale shows signs of wear and tear. This is caused due to the springs since the entire mechanism of a dial scale depends upon its springs.

This leads to display incorrect readings on a dial scale making it a major disadvantage of owning it. Thus, this sums up all the key points of comparison of which scale is more accurate digital or dial.

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