How to Use a Capresso Coffee Maker

How to Use a Capresso Coffee Maker [Full Tips & Tricks]

The Capresso Coffee Maker is one of the best machines that can help you to have the best-tasting espresso. How to Use a Capresso Coffee Maker? Read on and find out.

Capresso Coffee Maker – How to Use It?

Here are the usage instructions to follow:

How to Use a Capresso Coffee Maker1) Remove carafe from the Capresso coffee maker. Fill up the carafe with the amount of water that you desire. During the brewing process, water will be absorbed. The coffee that is brewed will be a little less than the carafe markings.

2) Remove the water tank lid and fill up the tank. Make sure that the water level never surpasses the MAX level on the water level indicator of the Capresso coffee maker’s side.

The carafe might have hot coffee overflowing in case you fill the water tank with too much water.

3) Ensure that the removable filter holder firmly rests in the housing of the filter holder. Put the GoldTone filter into this holder and make sure that there is a proper fit.

You may also use the size #4 paper filter rather than the GoldTone filter. Never the GoldTone filter within a GoldTone filter.

4) Now, into the GoldTone filter, add medium-coarse ground coffee. Add around 1 level tbsp ground coffee into each coffee cup, as per personal preferences. Put the lid back on. Never go beyond 14 level tbsp coffee in the filter.

5) Ensure that the lid of the carafe rests on the glass carafe properly. Put the carafe back into the machine. The drip stop will be pushed up by the lid’s inner part, to allow the coffee to brew easily through.

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6) Press the ON/OFF button, and you will find the corresponding indicator light flashing red. The brewing process will start. You can interrupt this process by pressing the ON/OFF button during the operation button at any time.

The red indicator light will not flash anymore. During the brewing process, you may take the carafe off the platform for around 30 seconds, for pouring a cup prior to the completion of the brewing process.

7) Right after brewing is completed, in the filter hot water could still be there – passing through the coffee that is grounded.

It can pass for around 1 – 3 minutes, based on the amount of coffee that you use as well as how well-grounded the coffee was. Wait until all the coffee that is brewed is in the carafe. Serve then.

8) 3 short beeps will sound, once the brewing is complete. The heating platform will stay warm for a couple of hours, before shutting off automatically. All this time, the red ON/OFF indicator light stays on.

After brewing, to turn off the machine hit the ON/OFF button again. This will turn the indicator light off. Serve coffee immediately after brewing, for the best tasting coffee.

9) Right after the first pot if you would like to make one more carafe of coffee, ensure that the coffee maker is turned off. Let it cool down for 3 – 4 minutes or So, before you fill-up the water tank again. Before brewing, ensure that the carafe is empty.

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