How to Use a Mr Coffee Tea Maker

How to Use a Mr. Coffee Tea Maker [Full Tips & Tricks]

Iced tea makes a fantastic beverage for the summer season. You can use Mr. Coffee’s iced tea makers – the higher-end 2.5-quart capacity model BVMC-TM33 or the lower-end 2-quart capacity model TM1.

How to Use a Mr. Coffee Tea Maker? Here are the instructions that you must follow.

BVMC-TM33 Tea Making Instructions

Fill up the pitcher of the tea maker to the water-level fill line.
Rotate its brew head, which can reveal the reservoir.
Pour the water in.

Raise the top lid to add tea bags or loose tea to the permanent filter of the brew basket. Use 2 – 3 tbsp of loose tea or 5 – 7 tea bags, to get a full pitcher of tea.

Within the brew head, there is a smaller shower head version – as visible from the bathroom. Rotate this shower head, so that it is over the brewing basket. Put the lid on then. Use the steeping lever to adjust the tea strength.

Lastly, use ice to fill up the pitcher to the ice line. Alternatively, you can add chilled water to fill the pitcher and reach the waterline.

The machine will be ready now. You have to plug the device in, and hit the button “Ok”. It will turn the coffee maker off once more after the brewing cycle comes to an end.

This is an extremely similar process as the one used for the majority of 3-quart machines of older models.

TM-1 Tea Making Instructions

The smaller TM-1 happens to be a coffee maker of simpler form, and the brewing process is a little different. You have to begin in the same manner and fill the pitcher up to the fill line, or midway, in case you are making just a quart.

Pour into the reservoir of the machine. Use chilled water or ice to fill up the pitcher to the brewing process or the ice line.

There is no integrated brew basket in the brewer, and a permanent filter is lacking as well. Rather you have to put the brew basket atop the pitcher and get a paper basket filter of 8- to 12-cup size for lining it.

Use 2 – 4 tbsp of loose tea or 6 – 10 tea bags to fill up the basket.

Uniformly distribute the same around the basket. In case you prefer to have loose tea, you might like to put around a filter on the leaves to prevent spattering of the same around the basket when you pour hot water over them.

.Now put the lid on the brew basket. Comfortably slide the pitcher into the brewer. Next, plug in the coffee maker and hit the “On” button. The machine will automatically shut off after the brewing cycle gets completed.

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