How to Use Temporal Thermometer

How to Use Temporal Thermometer: An Easy Guide for You 

How to Use Temporal Thermometer
How to Use Temporal Thermometer

To recover from sickness it is necessary that you should monitor the body temperature. As we cover our body with layers of blankets or clothes when the body temperature increases and it leads to fever-like symptoms.

Therefore, the importance of taking the body temperature should not be ignored.

What is a Temporal Thermometer?

A fast and accurate thermometer is very important for capturing the temperature reading. The temporal thermometer, which is known as a forehead thermometer or infrared thermometer.

It provides a quick and accurate temperature reading. Some people criticize that a temporal thermometer is very difficult to use but once you get hang of this you can use it easily and get an accurate reading.

The temporal scanner is very important and accurate because it is non-invasive, taking the temperature is completed with speed, accuracy, precision, and comfort.

The temporal thermometer is as precise and accurate as of the rectal temperature.  

Why should you take the Temperature on the Temporal Artery?

Our temporal artery is the major blood vessel in the head that causes a migraine when it enlarges and also has a direct connection to the heart through the carotid artery by which the blood vessel is responsible for supplying the neck, face, and brain with oxygenated blood.

Some Things about the Temporal Artery

Do you know that the temporal artery is known as a “special” blood vessel?

The answer is because the temporal artery is the only exposed blood vessel on the surface of the skin that maintains a constant flow of blood.

The temporal artery can be viewed by using a high-resolution infrared camera. 

How Accurate is the Temporal Thermometer?

There are different ways of reading temperatures depending on the thermometer you use. In the case of a temporal thermometer, the average temperature is 0.5°F or 0.3°C to 1°F or 0.6°C which is 98.6°F or 37°C.

Pros and Cons of the Temporal Thermometer?

The temporal thermometer uses the latest infrared technology to generate precise temperature readings. This can be achieved by aligning the thermometer at the forehead area and sliding it to the side.


1) Fast and Accurate Temperature Reading

A temporal thermometer provides reading and it has a built-in fever alarm that indicates an extremely high temperature. This thermometer can be reused instantly. For this feature, you can read temperature during fever very fast and it’s very effective.

Temporal thermometers preserve the previous readings that’s why it is easy to monitor the progress of the body temperature.  

 2) Easy To Use

The temporal thermometer can be used at any time, anywhere. It doesn’t need sterilization like other thermometers because it can give you reading in any position or any condition of the body.

You can simply change the batteries to give them a proper function. Thus it can collect the temperature reading quickly and display the result visibly and clearly.

3) Easy Reading

A temporal thermometer has a digital screen that allows the temperature to record in big numbers. Therefore, it is easy to see in the dark.

4) Hygienic

Temporal thermometer imposes no danger of cross-infection. It is not necessary to have separate thermometers for everyone in the family.

5) Minimal Costs

After buying your temporal artery thermometer, there are no additional expenses. Usually, Temporal thermometers take 30 seconds to shut off automatically which will keep the battery life longer.


Costly: Temporal thermometers are a little bit costly considering the other conventional thermometers. But it’s worth every penny.

How to Use the Temporal Thermometer

Using a temporal thermometer is very easy. Before you use this thermometer you should know the different parts of the product.

Step 1: Press the button

  • Locate the center of the forehead.
  • Position the probe at the center.
  • Depress the button of the thermometer.

Step 2: Scan the forehead

  • Slide the thermometer on the forehead that is going to the hairline.
  • Avoid bending the thermometer as you will lose track of the temporal artery.
  • Reach the perfume spot behind the ear.

Step 3: Record

  • Release the thermometer’s button.
  • Read the temperature.
  • Why Scan in a Straight Line?

Because the temporal artery is located in a straight line by placing the thermometer you will never lose the location of the temporal artery.

Why Reach the Perfume Spot?

It is important to reach the perfume spot. It will guarantee an accurate reading. If the forehead is wet the impact of evaporative cooling can give you a low reading.

What You Need to Know

It is important for you to avoid anxiety or confusion by knowing some important things about the temporal thermometer.

When the temperature reading is too high, it is because:

The measuring area you are trying to take the temperature is not completely exposed

When the temperature reading is too low, is it because:  
The lens is dirty

  • The direction of your thermometer is curving down
  • ​The child is sweaty
  • ​Multiple temperature reading is recorded in rapid succession
  • What to Avoid
  • When taking the temperature you must avoid the following:
  • Taking multiple temperature readings in rapid succession.

After taking a temperature you must wait at least 30 seconds for the next temperature reading. It applies for everyone.

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Relying on touch to determine fever.

Hands cannot provide you the actual feel of fever or illness. As some fever doesn’t always gives you the symptoms that you expect. For example – palpation.
What if the Forehead is Inaccessible?
If you cannot reach the forehead try taking the temperature on the alternative sites.
Behind the earlobe
Femoral artery (the artery near the groin)
Thoracic artery (the artery located along the side of the ribs)

How to Clean After Use

The temporal thermometer needs to be cleaned every two weeks. Use alcohol to clean the lens situated at the center of the probe. You may also use wipes. Finally, the casing must be cleaned using any kind of sanitizer.


If you are using the temporal thermometer, follow the instructions in this article and avoid doing things that can give you inaccurate results.

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