How to Weigh Gold On a Digital Scale

How to Weigh Gold On a Digital Scale – Vital Adviser Blog

How to Weigh Gold On a Digital ScaleDigital weighing scales are accurate scales that are known to be precise in measuring the weight of substances, as close as to the gram/ounce. There is no risk of error tolerance or approximation here, unlike what the case is with regular mechanical scales.

You can easily find such kinds of scales at digital technology products stores, for as low as $15. How to weigh gold on a digital scale? Read on and find out.

Clean and Test

First and foremost, you need to clean the scale in a proper way. Test the scale with an object of known weight, to calibrate it. For instance, you can buy a 50-gram weight along with your scale.

Place the scale on a firm and level surface. Then, put the known weight in the middle of the tray of the weighing scale. The reading needs to exactly correspond with the test weight.

Then, you have to set the gold on the scale and check the result. Unless you have a proper idea of how pure each of your gold items is, you need separately weigh each of the items.

List the Weight and Gold Content Percentage

List every piece on a paper sheet, along with its accurate weight with the percentage of gold content. You can find spot gold prices for every day in the newspapers, on the internet, or by calling up a gold bullion dealer.

On business and stock news websites, you can find the prices for precious metals like silver, platinum, and gold quoted.

View the Weights and Measures Table

You can check out Webster’s dictionary and view the weights and measures table therein. For instance, you might like to sell an 18-carat gold piece having a weight of 15.5 grams.

Pure gold is 24 carats, while 18-carat gold is just 75% or 3/4th of the purity content or just 18/24 as pure.

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Adjust Weight by Purity Percentage

In a weight table, you can find about 31 grams of weight for each weighing. The gold price is about $1,400 per ounce, and the place setting gold value is determined to be 525 USD or 1,400USD/31 X 15.5 X .75.

Keep in mind that you cannot find out about the weight of the gold content from the weight of the object. Naturally, to determine its value, you have to adjust the weight of each item by the percentage of purity.

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